Tammy Tran Nguyen, JD


“Even though life was hard going from one therapy session to another and then to school, the world started to make sense again.  Looking back I know that if we had not been in denial and had our son diagnosed earlier, it would have been better and easier for both our son and us. We started KNOWAutism Foundation to promote autism awareness and to provide education and resources to other families affected by autism.”

Tammy Tran Nguyen is the daughter of two Vietnamese-Chinese immigrants, who came to America to search for a better life for their children. After working many minimum wage positions, her parents finally were able to build their first fast food restaurant, where she went to work as a precocious 8 year old. She has a very close relationship with her parents, in particular her father who taught her strong values and helped her develop a keen sense for business.

Mrs. Nguyen graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. During college, she interned for Dell Computers and Tenneco Gas. Following her graduation from the University of Texas Business School, she accepted a position with Alexander and Alexander as a risk management consultant. 

As life would have it, Mrs. Nguyen would return to the family business because of her parents deteriorating health.  Within 10 years, Mrs. Nguyen grew a small fast food restaurant of seven employees to a well-known chain staffing over a hundred workers throughout the Houston Metropolitan area. It was during this time period that she attended and earned her Jurisprudence Doctorate (JD) from the University of Houston Law Center.

She met her husband, Wayne, in 2002. Together, they started a real estate investment firm. They had two children, one of which has autism. She spent the last seven years learning how to be a mom and how to be a mom to a child with autism. The experience has motivated her to devote more time for her children and accept a less active role in her companies. She has said that her role as a mother has been the most difficult and yet rewarding job that she has thus far. 

Mrs. Nguyen’s background allows her to appreciate the struggles of middle-income families, particular ones with language barriers. Her experience as a mom to a child with autism allows her to understand the challenges that a family will encounter. She formed KNOWAutism Foundation to help the family affected with autism in hopes of making their experiences a little easier, by arming them with the education and the resources to be better prepared for the journey ahead.