The KNOWAutism “As I Am” Art Festival

Past Event Held Sunday, May 23, 2021 at The Fish Plaza at the Wortham Theater Center @ 11AM-3PM

This was the 1st Annual “As I Am” Art Festival 2021. This event celebrates the immense talents of our children that live just under the surface of their disabilities. When these talents are awakened, great things begin to emerge! AWAKENINGS take place! Purpose and excitement bubble up! This event recognizes our incredible young artists with special needs of Age 5 and up. Also, at the event were stilt walkers, balloon artists, magicians, vocal performances by our arts group, and food trucks!

Dear Friends of KNOWAutism,

The inaugural “AS I AM” Art Festival is designed to celebrate children with disabilities, and their families as well as enhance community awareness of KNOWAutism and our partner programs. We decided as an organization to cross-pollenate and include organizations that address the abundant needs that exist among the children and families we not only represent, but advocate for! Children with special needs!

KNOWAutism launched a pilot of the “AS I AM” art project in the Fall of 2020. A total of 41 Art Kits were distributed to children within the KNOWAutism family. A total of 29 pieces were completed and photos of the art were submitted back to KNOWAutism. They were amazing!

Following the pilot, it was obvious that we had provided a healthy distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic and a project that could involve families. We also learned that we had unleashed a vibrancy in our autistic children that had not been realized before. In short, there are incredible artists among our children with disabilities. We sincerely hope you will join us in spotlighting our young artists who have worked very hard at our 1st Annual Art Festival: A day of celebration and artistry!

Shining light on ability, not disability,

Sippi Khurana, MD

“As I Am” Grand Marshall

Each participant of the “As I Am” Art Festival will receive an art kit including:

11″ x 14″ Canvas
Acrylic Paint Set
Know Autism Draw String Art Bag