Chris Cardenas

Board Member

Chris Cardenas

Christopher Cardenas is a dedicated Procurement Manager with a wealth of experience in plant and facilities operations, strategic planning, contract negotiation, and implementing process improvements that drive cost savings. His keen problem-solving skills have been instrumental in identifying and modernizing various aspects of day-to-day purchasing operations.

As a proud Marine veteran, having served as a Sergeant, Chris brings discipline, leadership, and a commitment to excellence to his role as a board member of the KNOWAutism Foundation since its inception in 2013. His journey with KNOWAutism began with a privileged opportunity to assist Tammy and Wayne at the organization’s outset. When Wayne shared the vision behind KNOWAutism, Chris responded with a resounding “I’m in.”

Chris’s passion for making a difference extends beyond his professional role. He initiated the annual poker tournament, a successful fundraising event that contributes to KNOWAutism’s mission. In addition to autism awareness, Chris actively engages in fundraising and awareness campaigns for causes such as supporting First Responders, Cancer research, and promoting local artists.

His commitment to community service is exemplified by his candidacy for the 2016 Man of the Year with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). A graduate of Texas A&M University in 1996, Chris has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the Cement Industry, bringing a wealth of expertise to his multifaceted role at KNOWAutism.

With his diverse background, strong leadership skills, and unwavering dedication, Christopher Cardenas continues to be an integral part of KNOWAutism, contributing to its growth, fundraising efforts, and the awareness it brings to important causes.