Farida Abjani


“The moral teachings that her father passed down to her – to only keep 75 percent of her pocket money with the remaining 25 percent given to a charity of her choice – were life changing.”

Farida Abjani has always had a heart for helping others–especially those who are most vulnerable. She is particularly passionate about serving the elderly and their caregivers, as well as individuals with mental and physical disabilities. That’s why she supports the message of #acceptance and #inclusion for all.

Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Farida Abjani moved to Chicago, Illinois when she was nineteen years old to begin her nursing career. Farida was greatly influenced by the moral teachings of her father, who taught her that “she could only keep 75 percent of her pocket money and the remaining 25 percent should be given to a charity of her choice.” In her work with charities and non-profits, Farida supports causes ranging from childhood education in developing countries to the advancement of young women in Texas to music and the arts.

While working as a Cardiac Intensive Care unit nurse in Chicago, Farida recognized the need to work with clients at the grassroots level to focus on preventive care and accessing available resources. Farida moved to Houston, Texas in January of 2012, where she established an agency that provides care and guidance for geriatric clients in the comfort of their own homes. She is also the co-founder of care homes that provide long term care to individuals with physical and mental disability in a homelike environment.

Her broad focus ranging from child education in developing countries to supporting the advancement of young women in #Texas led Farida to become intimately involved with several charities. Presently, she is on the Advisory Board of the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and the Governing Board of Houston Symphony. Her dedication extends to The Alliance, KnowAustism, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and Houston Symphony League where she serves as Membership Chair. Farida is and has been a board member of The Alliance for Multicultural Community Services, UNICEF – Southwest Region, Development in Literacy (DIL), Ek Disha, Texas Executive Women, Fort Bend Women’s Center and Houston Symphony League. Farida was an ambassador for AAFS and KnowAutism, and was a conversationalist for Table Talk 2017.  The one cause that is particularly close to her heart is taking care of the elderly and their caregivers, thanks to her background in nursing. During her career, she worked at ICU, cardiac ICU and PACU.

Farida was honored with the Community Service Award by IMAGH (2018), STEAM Role Model by GHWCC (2018), 50 Most Influential Women (2017), 30 Most Influential Women of Houston 2016, “IT Girl 2016” and “Women Who Run Houston” by Houston Chronicle (2016). She also received the “Friends of Charities” Award by the Indian American Charity Foundation (2016).

Farida has chaired and co-chaired multiple galas and luncheons including KnowAutism, Daya, Pratham, The Alliance, Women’s Voice, Houston Symphony Ball Auction, Ek Disha, Development in Literacy and World Chamber of Commerce. She looks forward to co-chairing the American Cancer Society’s Couture for the Cause and the auction for Society for the Performing Arts in 2019.